New Lime Crime 2016 Colors


In June 2016, the fun and bold makeup company Lime Crime launched new colors and duos. In order to keep up with public demands for these shimmery eye and lip colors, the cosmetic business has expanded their new line of Superfoils and Metallic Velvetines.


New Superfoil color duos include Crystal/Halo, which combines a silvery shade with a gold color and Miami/Gator which pairs a rose gold shade with an olive and gold color. There is also a mauve and taupe pairing called Squad/Goals and a golden mauve and chocolate brown color pairing referred to as Lucid/Dream. Metallic shades new for Fall 2016 include a rose bronze shade called Happi, a metallic plum color called Posh, and a pinkish mauve shade named Vibe.

She suggests first outlining lips with lip liner, a few shades darker than the metallic color chosen, and then filling lips in the lip product. Deere also has suggestions for applying SuperFoil products. She recommends users pick up the makeup with a brush or finger and spraying a little bit of water on top of it before applying directly to eyes.


According to the website, Doe Deere first began her magical makeup company Lime Crime in 2008 and has developed a large following of users who describe themselves as ‘unicorns’ for their creativity and risk-taking spirit. As she said on the Lime Crime Tumblr, Deere found a need for color in the cosmetic industry at a time when it was hard to find anything other than neutral colors. She continues to come up with fun new shades that are certified cruelty-free from PETA and Leaing Bunny.  Shop LimeCrime yourself on, or find other options at your favorite online retailer.

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  1. Lime Crime’s creator Doe Deere offers some tips for applying the new shades. The finished look will resemble shiny foil on the eyelids. New fall colors have been introduced for both lines. This may also be reason why has also been able to accommodate these things for them in the long run it will help them so well.

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