Future Markets For Fabletics And TechStyle To Expand To

The signs of success in a business is its eagerness to expand into different markets. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have struck gold with Fabletics. They have satisfied tons of women throughout the industry with all of their products that bring about a new spin to athletic fashion. While they could’ve been happy with good enough, they have decided that Fabletics is too good of a brand to leave to just a certain group of people. Therefore, they have decided to open the market to other people. Among the groups that are starting to enjoy the styles being offered to them from Fabletics are plus-sized women and men.


TechStyle is a company that is going to influence the styles in the coming years.  One good market they could focus on is men. More men are finding an interest in fashion.  Therefore, TechStyle can bring forth some new items that men could enjoy. While it could be challenging for companies to cater to the men with the special rules placed on menswear, there are ways that creativity can bring it to life.


Among the things that Fabletics can do is take notes from other cultures. One would be amazed as to what one could come up with from other cultures. This could bring about a lot of inspiration for the company to come up with some new items that men could enjoy. For one thing, many countries are exclusive about some clothes. TechStyle could be the company that brings out the styles of other countries.


One thing that could be said for Fabletics is that it is really forward thinking in how it is going to reach its customers. As a result, people are not only satisfied with what they have, but the relationships that are built with people. With methods such as “reverse showrooming”, Fabletics can actually bring forth some really good innovations in the fashion industry.


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