Fabletics: The Best Fitness Clothing You Can Get

Kate Hudson is taking over the fashion industry in e-commerce by storm. She has used several techniques that have enabled her to do it all easily. Fabletics works to provide you with fitness clothing.

She has been able to build a company worth $250 million in just three years which is a breakthrough in the e-commerce world. This was possible because she had all the right moves to make. She recognized that the customers needed to have outfits that change the fitness game altogether.

Usually, the established firms would place a high price on their product, and the customers would assume it is indeed the highest quality.

The Reverse Showrooming Technique

By the use of this technique, Kate Hudson has been able to get more people interested in her products. Here is how it works in summary:

  • By organizing events where the potential customers attend, they get to fraternize with their future market.
  • These online stores offer a way of the customers to get to know exactly what they are being offered.
  • When this happens, statistics indicate that 30% of them will become members of Fabletics and the rest 25% become members by the time they depart from these events.
  • Hence, they are ready to subscribe to her online community after seeing the goods.

The Whole Kit In Summary

When you are a member of the online community that she has created, and you have subscribed to it, you will be able to order all the goods that you want which are found in her stores. They will have the following distinct features that have been the trademark of Fabletics.

  1. High Quality

Whenever a customer tries on something new, they want to see that it works for them and that they have gotten every penny’s worth. They demand quality, and that is what Fabletics gives you after you have subscribed and ordered.

  1. Fashion Conscious

Despite being clothes for your fitness programs, they have the sense of style that we all want to be in at all times even when we are sweaty and clammy from working out. That is why they have been made to look sexy and attractive on you when you wear them. They are stylish and fashionable.

  1. The Price Tag

This is not a problem because, for every penny that you pay, you receive the best of it all. As a customer, you will be satisfied by what you see when it gets delivered to your doorstep.


So, Fabletics is amazing, and that is why the founder has been able to build a multi-million dollar company in just three years selling fitness apparel only, online. When you decide to try it out, you will not be disappointed at all.

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