How WEN by Chaz Improves the Condition of Greasy, Dull Hair

A young woman named Emily was having issues with her hair being dull and lifeless. She wanted to add more body and shine to her hair so she decided to try one of the Wen varieties to see if it would transform her hair the way it claimed to in its advertisements. In order to really tell if her hair showed any difference she chose to keep track of what she experienced by writing down notes and taking pictures. She compiled her notes and photos into an article, which she posted on Bustle for others to view.

Emily’s chronicled experience with using WEN for the first time took place over a one week period. During this time she admits that she was unable to use the product on the second day and again on the fourth day, because she was running late. She does write about how different her hair felt after she washed it with WEN for the first time. It did have noticeably more body and shine than it had previously. When she was not able to use WEN’s cleansing conditioner she noticed her hair appeared more dull and greasy, which was immediately corrected once she was able to wash her hair with the product.

WEN’s Beneficial Properties

The WEN by Chaz cleansing conditioner ( is able to counter the effects of greasy, dull hair because of its unique formula. WEN uses natural plant extracts that contain beneficial nutrients such as vitamins and proteins. As a combination cleanser and conditioner it also helps the hair and scalp retain moisture to keep it healthy and shiny. The version of WEN Emily chose to use was Fig, which helps sooth the scalp through the product’s extracts from the marigold and chamomile plants. This version also contains wheat protein for added body and strength.

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