Whitney Wolfe Opens A Physical Meet Up Space As An Extension Of The Bumble Dating App

The Bumble dating app has proved its uniqueness since the launch by the co-founder Whitney Wolfe. The app allows women to have an upper hand in the online dating experience by making the men advancers wait for the lady’s response after reaching out first. The most recent development by the app’s developers is the launch of a physical space to give people the space to meet up and socialize irrespective of their subscription on Bumble. The space which is known as the Hive, will reflect Bumble’s theme and flavor and exude the outlook of a hive.

Whitney Wolfe stated that Bumble is not a conventional app that ends online. She explained that formalizing the connections adds a level of seriousness to the dating experience that is apt to be dismissed by most people as unreal. The chief executive officer of Bumble is confident that Hive will offer subscribers a sense of pride in associating with Bumble hence eliminate the standard taboo associated with online dating.

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Whitney Wolfe revealed that they have plans to incorporate a network that expands beyond the dating experience. She said that Bumble will host female entrepreneurship events and events focused on relationships among other life facets. Such event is the panel consisting of Whitney and theSkimm founders, style sessions by Drybar and mentorship and mingling opportunities by Forbes.

The Hive will have a realistic bar and coffee area and a sales area showcasing Bumble’s products. Bumble stated that they have a plan to keep the space open for a month and host events during the week. They might extend the period to longer than a month or open regional branches in other cities depending on the performance review of the first opening.

The Hive will open between Thursdays and Sundays. Thursdays to Saturdays will be open in the morning hours before reopening in the afternoon until 10pm. Sundays will be open between 10am and 8pm. All prospective visitors will find the place in Soho at the 158 Mercer Street. Bumble’s users are enthusiastic about a place that offers them an extension of the online experience before the progression to real life dating.

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