What We Can Learn From Securus Technologies And The Way They Do Business

I am always inspired by companies that go above and beyond. When I research a company, I look for certain traits. I respect companies that have strong company values, offer an excellent product, and seek for continual improvement. Securus Technologies, which is a criminal justice communications tech company,is an organization that has all of those traits. I found it fascinating that Securus CEO Rick Smith recently reported that “Once a week on average, we develop a new product or service that helps law enforcement and corrections officials to solve and prevent crimes”. Can you believe that? A company that produces a new product once a week is acting on a level far beyond many companies that stay stagnant for years.


What motivates the company to put out so many new products per year? It could be the difference that they are creating in real people’s lives. The company has released statements from their customers that give testimony to this fact. One Securus Technologies customer, likely a prison administrator, stated “This evolution of investigative tools and the capabilities provided intertwines with our own aggressive investigative mindset.” We can see that the people who use the innovative products put out by Securus regularly find real value in the products. The users also value the way that Securus Technologies continues to improve the product and progress over time. Because of the dangerous nature of the prison environment, constant improvement is important. It can help prison officials, staff, as well as inmates stay safer. Each new product that gives a little bit more safety has immense value.


Another testimonial commented that the Securus Technology products helped to uncover a corrupt staff member. It is clear that the products and services provide have real value for the customers that use them. This is a powerful motivator for a company, and it seems that Securus Technologies, as a company, can truly feel that sense of urgency and motivation.


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