Dr. Shafik Hussein Sachedina, Proprietor And Chair Of Sussex Health Care

Dr. Shafik Hussein born in 1950 in Dares Salaam, Tanzania. At university level, he joined Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental school. After graduating, Dr. Shafik attended university of London where he was deemed a dental surgeon in 1975.

He worked in England for several year as dental surgeon and later established a desire in investing in health sector: The now surgeon has volunteered working with the Aga Khan Foundation.

He is liable for the coordination of Ismaili community institution in their 16 principle areas in existence. The surgeon integrates the Aga Khan Development Network Program and institutions of Ismaili communities from the region of Central Asia. Dr. Shafik offered to be the president of the Ismaili Council in the United Kingdom. He served two terms. To add on such prestigious accolades, he is proprietor and chairperson of the Sussex Health Care.

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Sussex Health Care is an assembly of individualistically administered home environments situated in West Sussex. They focus majorly on taking care of the old people, specifically those with mental issues like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Together with a cluster of health specialists, they take care of adults with neural incapacities, assisting brain injury casualties, people with physical and learning disabilities. The firm has helped about 300,000 people having run for 30 years.

During Dr. Shafik’s reign, the organization lately commissioned a daycare and outreach centre in the township of Broadbridge, right after Horsham in West Sussex. The clinic offers residential, respite and outreach appointments for patients with acquired neural conditions and brain disorders.

New developments are underway for people suffering from autism together with the younger generations who leave school due to extreme physical and learning disabilities. Homes are equipped with teams running shifts 24 hours of experienced expertise, an emergency call systems, specialized gyms, and holistic therapies with complete motion plans. The local GPs will frequently call on the homes and are on available fully. The homes have a provision of up to ten individuals in the ground floor section with an ensuite, large living space, kitchenette, dining area, an IT room, and a play court.

On Thursday the 15th 2015, Sussex Health Care awarded six of their workforces with a level 5 certificate in professional practice in social care. During their training, students had to show up at 30-day workshops with their assignments 50 percent work-based. This permitted the students to learn and work as well at the institute. Those with Level 4 Registered Managers Award qualified for higher education in universities, therefore consenting them to pursue BA degrees.

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