Paul Mampilly, Senior Editor at Banyan Hill

Paul Mampilly has greatly impacted the finance sector positively. He graduated from Fordham University in 1991 with his MBA. He started his career at a peak as an assistant portfolio manager for Bankers Trust. He took his career with great seriousness and therefore continued making wise investments. He gained much knowledge and experience and was able to secure positions at legal firms, including Deutsche Bank and ING. Due to his outrageous management skills, in 2006, Paul Mampilly was chosen to manage the hedge fund for Kinetic Asset Management, a 6$ billion firm. He was able to grow the company assets to $25 billion, an achievement that was named by Barron as one of the world’s best returns.

To prove that he was an influential force in the world of finance, in 2009, he won a competition held by the Templeton Foundation. After a certain period, Paul Mampilly was exhausted from the grueling pace of the Wall Street. He decided that it was time for him to spend time with his family, friends and help the local people to make money. Currently, he is still part of the finance industry and works as a research and investment analyst. He reaches out to the common people through interviews and newsletters which provide important financial tips.

Paul Mampillye has frequently featured on interviews in CNBC, Bloomberg TV, and Fox Business News, where he has always explained his passion in the finance sector and gives people tips that can help them succeed in the world of finance. In 2016, Paul Mampilly joined Banyan Hill publishing and has gained more than 90,000 followers since then, who have signed up for Mampilly’s newsletter Profits Unlimited. His newsletter gives detailed financial tips and offers a new investment opportunity each month. Rather than that, Paul Mampilly is also the manager of two lite trading services and also writes, on a weekly basis, for Winning Investor Daily.

To Infinity Group Australia and Beyond

Infinity Group Australia was founded in 2013 by Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker and, in only five years, has become one of the fastest-growing debt reduction companies in Australia. Amongst the many Infinity Group Australia reviews is the prestigious list published by the Australian Financial Review, the Most Innovative Companies List. AFR ranked Infinity Group Australia as number 58 among more than 1,000 other nominated companies around Australia and New Zealand, putting Infinity Group Australia in the top 5.8%. The company helps Australians improve their personal finances by reducing debt and its founders are passionate about keeping banks honest and helping individual families. Its success is a result of a true commitment to and passion for customer experience. Infinity Group Australia has helped 100% of its clients pay off more of their home loans in only the first three months than they were able to pay off in 12 months with their old bank structures. On average, clients who use Infinity brokers are able to eliminate an average of $41,000 in debt in just one year.


Infinity Group Australia uses a different approach than traditional brokers. 20Whereas most will simply help the clients apply and then get approved for the loan, Infinity believes that the best way to help is to remain with the client after approval to provide a personal banker to help them pay off the loan quickly. Infinity brokers provide monthly performance reports in case the client needs to readjust his or her budget, along with reviews to guarantee client success. Infinity Group Australia reviews reflect the satisfaction that a wide range of clients experience after working with Infinity’s brokers, who focus on lessening the gravity of their clients’ spending amounts and also take actions to reduce credit, which is a common threat of many Australian consumers. Because most Australians only make minimum payments on their loans, the company’s founders are dedicated to guiding them and supporting them throughout the entire loan period to reduce such spending habits and improve their personal finances. By providing them with a financial coach and introducing them to excellent customer service, Infinity helps make clients and their families feel comfortable and stress-free throughout the loan process. Thanks to its dedication to productivity and positivity, Infinity Group Australia has earned the accreditation and ranking it deserves and sets itself up for even more growth in the future. Learn more:


OSI Food Solutions

OSI Food Solutions OSI is a global supplier of food products is also on the America’s top 100 food companies with 65 facilities worldwide and more than 20,000 employees in 17 countries (Austria, Australia, Canada, Brazil, China, Germany, India, Hungary, Japan, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, Spain, Ukraine, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States). OSI food solutions is focused in make high quality custom food products. OSI Food Solutions doubled chicken production capacity from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons annually because they have high demand in these magnific products as part of this they increased the company and acquired Baho Food, OSI also acquired Tyson Food plant in Chicago. OSI Food Solutions recently won the 2016 Globe of Honour by the British Safety Council for demonstrated excellence in environmental management and achieve five stars in the British Safety. OSI Food solutions announced the acquisition of Flagship Europe (Highly regarded foodservice supplier on the UK .)

OSI offer careers and opportunity to grow on your job with good pay and awesome people to work with. They always listen the necessities of them workers and work with them for a better solution and more quality on their products this is why the products result well they work as a team always listening their customers and working to have the best food service on America this is why they are on the top 100 of America’s food companies. OSI supply most of the popular fast food restaurants in the world like McDonald’s, Burger King, Papa John’s, and Starbucks and much more all over the world. The quality of their products is very good they offer custom food processing, including meats, vegetables, fruits and other proteins, beef, pork, bacon, poultry, seafood, good pizza, baked goods, produce lunches, entrees, side dishes, snacks, appetizers or desserts and more). Five star company.

Professional Pursuits OF Anil Chaturvedi

Anil Chaturvedi graduated from the University of Delhi in 1971 with a Bachelor’s of arts in economics and later received an MBA in 1973. He has served in multiple prestigious positions which included the branch manager at the state bank of India and county head of North American, ANZ Grindlays Bank in New York City. Currently, he serves as the executive director in private banking of Hinduja Bank Switzerland.


With a banking experience that spans for 4o years in most of the leading international banks, Anil Chaturvedi has been specializing in corporate and private banking, investment banking and corporate consultative business with a focus on international transaction Europe and India.


As a managing director at the Merill Lynch, Anil Chaturvedi is accountable for establishing a corporate advisory business that comprises facilitating cross broader strategic associations between business in Asia, Europe, and the USA. His work also included facilitating mergers and acquisitions, and sale and reorganization of distressed properties, syndication of credit, raising capital from investors and global agencies. He worked at the company from 1993 to 2011.


Anil Chaturvedi is recognized as a prominent private banker who covers global Indians living in USA, Europe, and India. He specializes in investment solutions that are designed for ultra-high net worth people. He is one of the leading advisors in the world’s largest wealth management firm. He is a member of various organizations such as the circle of champions.


He serves as the deputy president and senior representative for operation in the US. He governed the operations of Grindlays Bank in 1991-1993. He was accountable for product development, marketing of the product, handling the regulatory and compliance issues, establishing leadership skills and developing a profitable model of the bank.


While working as a manager in the department of development at state bank of India, he was accountable for strategic planning and implementing a various marketing strategy to capture businesses owned by non-resident Indians in the USA. His successful marketing and implementation strategy lead to the establishment of a new business that was worth more than $500 million in 4 years. This achievement made him receive the man of the year award.