To Infinity Group Australia and Beyond

Infinity Group Australia was founded in 2013 by Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker and, in only five years, has become one of the fastest-growing debt reduction companies in Australia. Amongst the many Infinity Group Australia reviews is the prestigious list published by the Australian Financial Review, the Most Innovative Companies List. AFR ranked Infinity Group Australia as number 58 among more than 1,000 other nominated companies around Australia and New Zealand, putting Infinity Group Australia in the top 5.8%. The company helps Australians improve their personal finances by reducing debt and its founders are passionate about keeping banks honest and helping individual families. Its success is a result of a true commitment to and passion for customer experience. Infinity Group Australia has helped 100% of its clients pay off more of their home loans in only the first three months than they were able to pay off in 12 months with their old bank structures. On average, clients who use Infinity brokers are able to eliminate an average of $41,000 in debt in just one year.


Infinity Group Australia uses a different approach than traditional brokers. 20Whereas most will simply help the clients apply and then get approved for the loan, Infinity believes that the best way to help is to remain with the client after approval to provide a personal banker to help them pay off the loan quickly. Infinity brokers provide monthly performance reports in case the client needs to readjust his or her budget, along with reviews to guarantee client success. Infinity Group Australia reviews reflect the satisfaction that a wide range of clients experience after working with Infinity’s brokers, who focus on lessening the gravity of their clients’ spending amounts and also take actions to reduce credit, which is a common threat of many Australian consumers. Because most Australians only make minimum payments on their loans, the company’s founders are dedicated to guiding them and supporting them throughout the entire loan period to reduce such spending habits and improve their personal finances. By providing them with a financial coach and introducing them to excellent customer service, Infinity helps make clients and their families feel comfortable and stress-free throughout the loan process. Thanks to its dedication to productivity and positivity, Infinity Group Australia has earned the accreditation and ranking it deserves and sets itself up for even more growth in the future. Learn more:


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