WEN by Chaz’s Ultimate 5-in-1 Conditioner

The hair care industry is full of hopes and dreams. Not to try an knock this exclusive field, finding the best product that meets your demands can be tricky with all of the options that are forever available. Cleansing conditioners are very popular among both men and women. These products give the hair and scalp total cleansing capabilities much more so than just using a shampoo product. Did you know that many of today’s top brands have chemical loaded formulas? Unfortunately, this is true and these chemicals can give the user many unwanted affects. The best thing to do is lesson the use of the products, stop using the products, or simply switch to another product.

One of the best cleansing conditioners of today comes from a brand named WEN by Chaz. Wen Hair is so different from just about any other brand thanks to it’s revolutionary make-up. There aren’t any dangerous chemicals here, but rather natural ingredients that have been baked up in mother nature’s kitchen. Lavender, fig, sweet almond mint, cucumber, panthenol, rosemary extract, wild cherry bark, chamomile extract, aloe vera leaf, and many more. WEN’s 5-in1 Cleansing Conditioner is simply one of the very best conditioners hand down. It detangles, moisturizes, strengthens, and adds shine. Another bonus is that it’s universal and can be used for many different hair textures.

WEN by Chaz is turning the industry upside down when it comes to natural healing for the hair, of course. All in all, WEN by Chaz is the best route to take and it’s cleansing conditioners are of the highest quality.

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Hussain Sajwani A Story of Mideast Success

Hussain Sajwani is one of the world’s most leading real estate moguls and overall businessmen. His stupendous business deals have led to him becoming the CEO of the United Arab Emirates and have spurred on monumental deals with the likes of people like Donald Trump. Looking at his pedigree and background is an astonishing way to understand the success he has harbored and how that success might grow to improve the Mideast and the UAE. Fortunately, his success has allowed a vast majority of companies to blossom into extremely successful multi-billion dollar businesses.


An American Education

Baking the typical barriers of studying within one’s own country, Hussain Sajwani actually traveled to the United States in order to study for his undergraduate degree at the prestigious University of Washington. It’s at the University of Washington in which Sajwani would achieve a bachelor’s degree in economics and set himself up for his future success. To this day, he attributes the knowledge gathered at the University of Washington as something that helped guide him towards making extremely important and influential business decisions that would change the course of his fate.


Business Ventures

This staggering feat is partially credited towards the immense worth that he could grow DAMAC into being. While the company is currently worth, around 4 billion, Sajwani’s large ownership of shares of the company has allowed him to skyrocket as a successful businessman within the Arab community.


Real Estate Done Right

One of his finest talents his ability to know how to take a piece of property and pitch it towards potential buyers to be developed into multi-million dollar pieces of land, developed to greatness. Perhaps his finest real estate developing relationship came in the form of Donald Trump. Trump would end up developing property in the United Arab Emirates in conjunction with Sajwani. This would help Sajwani to grow a much larger international presence and establish strong relations with the United States. This very much is useful in the present as Donald Trump is the President of the United States, and Sajwani is now the CEO of the United Arab Emirates.

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Future Markets For Fabletics And TechStyle To Expand To

The signs of success in a business is its eagerness to expand into different markets. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have struck gold with Fabletics. They have satisfied tons of women throughout the industry with all of their products that bring about a new spin to athletic fashion. While they could’ve been happy with good enough, they have decided that Fabletics is too good of a brand to leave to just a certain group of people. Therefore, they have decided to open the market to other people. Among the groups that are starting to enjoy the styles being offered to them from Fabletics are plus-sized women and men.


TechStyle is a company that is going to influence the styles in the coming years.  One good market they could focus on is men. More men are finding an interest in fashion.  Therefore, TechStyle can bring forth some new items that men could enjoy. While it could be challenging for companies to cater to the men with the special rules placed on menswear, there are ways that creativity can bring it to life.


Among the things that Fabletics can do is take notes from other cultures. One would be amazed as to what one could come up with from other cultures. This could bring about a lot of inspiration for the company to come up with some new items that men could enjoy. For one thing, many countries are exclusive about some clothes. TechStyle could be the company that brings out the styles of other countries.


One thing that could be said for Fabletics is that it is really forward thinking in how it is going to reach its customers. As a result, people are not only satisfied with what they have, but the relationships that are built with people. With methods such as “reverse showrooming”, Fabletics can actually bring forth some really good innovations in the fashion industry.


New Lime Crime 2016 Colors


In June 2016, the fun and bold makeup company Lime Crime launched new colors and duos. In order to keep up with public demands for these shimmery eye and lip colors, the cosmetic business has expanded their new line of Superfoils and Metallic Velvetines.


New Superfoil color duos include Crystal/Halo, which combines a silvery shade with a gold color and Miami/Gator which pairs a rose gold shade with an olive and gold color. There is also a mauve and taupe pairing called Squad/Goals and a golden mauve and chocolate brown color pairing referred to as Lucid/Dream. Metallic shades new for Fall 2016 include a rose bronze shade called Happi, a metallic plum color called Posh, and a pinkish mauve shade named Vibe.


She suggests first outlining lips with lip liner, a few shades darker than the metallic color chosen, and then filling lips in the lip product. Deere also has suggestions for applying SuperFoil products. She recommends users pick up the makeup with a brush or finger and spraying a little bit of water on top of it before applying directly to eyes.


According to the website, Doe Deere first began her magical makeup company Lime Crime in 2008 and has developed a large following of users who describe themselves as ‘unicorns’ for their creativity and risk-taking spirit. As she said on the Lime Crime Tumblr, Deere found a need for color in the cosmetic industry at a time when it was hard to find anything other than neutral colors. She continues to come up with fun new shades that are certified cruelty-free from PETA and Leaing Bunny.  Shop LimeCrime yourself on Love-Makeup.co.uk, or find other options at your favorite online retailer.

Keeping in Touch During the Holidays with Securus

In a recent video, it was discussed how secure is can be beneficial to families all across the country who want to keep in touch with loved ones in prison. The holiday season is one of the Prime times during the year to keep in touch with loved ones who happened to be behind bars simply because these people have no way of getting out to spend time with their families. Using a system like Securus can totally take the guesswork out of keeping in touch with these individuals and can be exactly what you need in terms of getting the most from this option.

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One thing that made me feel very badly about their situation with the fact that it was during the holiday season when they were incarcerated and it was difficult for me to keep in touch with them because I had no way of getting to the prison itself. This is when I actually discovered Securus from a good friend of mine who had a relative in prison themselves. I begin to use to cure it and was able to keep in touch with my loved one with these without having to worry about making a long and boring trip to the prison just to be able to see them face to face.


Not only was this ideal for the holiday season because it felt like we were close together, but it was also very easy for us to do right from the comfort of my own home. All I had to do was make you some Securus and I could use the webcam on my computer to have a video visitation with my loved one. It was something that I have found incredibly beneficial in the past several months and I continually use it time and time again because I feel it changes the lives of those who are in prison.


For anyone who was at all interested in keeping in touch with a loved one in prison, it is very important that you make you some Securus and see if this is the right type of option for you as it has been for a lot of other prison families all across the country.