A Recap of the Life of Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is a well-known and highly respected leader in the broadcast industry, for over 40 years he has been bringing us some of the most popular programs in radio history. Pattiz has served twice on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America, being appointed by Presidents Clinton and Bush. This board administrates nonmilitary radio programming for the United States Government, programs of note include The Voice of America and Radio Free Europe. Norman was instrumental in launching America’s Arabic language radio, now broadcasting to all 22 Middle East countries with a unique Farsi language program designed for Iran, with a weekly audience of over 40 million people.


In 2006 Norman Pattiz founded Westwood One, and under his tutelage, Westwood One became the largest radio network listened to, by Americans in Broadcasting news, entertainment, sports, and talk radio. Westwood One distributed CBS News, NFL Football, The Super Bowl, The Olympic Games, and numerous talk radio programs along with many others. Realizing there was a large untapped market in the audio-on-demand industry Norman started the Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010 and in the fall of 2012 he launched PodcastOne. PodcastOne quickly became the number one producer/distributor of audio-on-demand programming. The PodcastOne line-up includes some of the most popular sports, entertainment and talk radio personalities in the world. Listeners can enjoy Laura Ingraham, Shaquille O’Neal, Larry King, TheCHIVE, and over 200 others.


He has served in various positions involving national security, including as a member and past chairman of the Board of Governors at Los Alamos National Security, and serves on the Region 1, Homeland Security Advisory Council. He is a member of the Board of The Regent of Energy Laboratories and has served as director of the Office of Foreign Relations for the Los Angeles sheriff’s department. Pattiz is also contributing his talent to higher education since 2001 he has been Director of The Regents at The University Of California and is a board member at the Annenberg School of Communication at the University of Southern California.


Norman Pattiz, recognized for his work with numerous awards, is the recipient of the Distinguished Education Service Award, several Broadcaster of the Year Awards, and The Freedom of Speech Award, to mention only a few. In recognition of his many contributions to the radio broadcast industry; inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009.

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Hussain Sajwani A Story of Mideast Success

Hussain Sajwani is one of the world’s most leading real estate moguls and overall businessmen. His stupendous business deals have led to him becoming the CEO of the United Arab Emirates and have spurred on monumental deals with the likes of people like Donald Trump. Looking at his pedigree and background is an astonishing way to understand the success he has harbored and how that success might grow to improve the Mideast and the UAE. Fortunately, his success has allowed a vast majority of companies to blossom into extremely successful multi-billion dollar businesses.


An American Education

Baking the typical barriers of studying within one’s own country, Hussain Sajwani actually traveled to the United States in order to study for his undergraduate degree at the prestigious University of Washington. It’s at the University of Washington in which Sajwani would achieve a bachelor’s degree in economics and set himself up for his future success. To this day, he attributes the knowledge gathered at the University of Washington as something that helped guide him towards making extremely important and influential business decisions that would change the course of his fate.


Business Ventures

This staggering feat is partially credited towards the immense worth that he could grow DAMAC into being. While the company is currently worth, around 4 billion, Sajwani’s large ownership of shares of the company has allowed him to skyrocket as a successful businessman within the Arab community.


Real Estate Done Right

One of his finest talents his ability to know how to take a piece of property and pitch it towards potential buyers to be developed into multi-million dollar pieces of land, developed to greatness. Perhaps his finest real estate developing relationship came in the form of Donald Trump. Trump would end up developing property in the United Arab Emirates in conjunction with Sajwani. This would help Sajwani to grow a much larger international presence and establish strong relations with the United States. This very much is useful in the present as Donald Trump is the President of the United States, and Sajwani is now the CEO of the United Arab Emirates.

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