End Citizens United Rejuvenates Its Campaign On Finance Reform

End Citizens United fights to make its name a reality. The new Political Action Committee (PAC) dedicates its time towards advocating for campaign finance reform. It is planning to achieve this objective by using a constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court’s decision that ruled in favor of Citizens United in 2010. According to the group, the ruling created an avenue that has been used by the wealthy to channel dirty money into political campaigns. To this end, End Citizens United seeks to fund the campaigns of several Democratic candidates who are running for House and Senate positions.

In the run up to the 2016 elections, the group planned to raise $25 million from small donors across the United States. Within its first month of operation, the group managed to rake in over $2 million. The PAC’s communication director, Richard Carbo, was pleased with the entity’s achievements. In addition, over 325,000 members appended their signatures to the PAC’s petition. The petition demands that the Congress passes legislation that makes illegal the formation of super-PACs. End Citizens United aims at generating over one million signatures. To achieve this objective, the group partnered with ‘Ready for Hillary‘ group and rented out their email list. They used the emails to reach out to potential liberal supporters spread across the United States. This information was originally reported on MSNBC.

By the end of its first month of operation, End Citizens United was already supporting the campaigns of eleven Democratic Candidates in terms of financial assistance. Some of the notable candidates whose campaigns were funded by the organization are Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado and former Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin.

According to Carbo, the PAC is using a different approach to solve the campaign finance reform issue as compared to the rest of the PACs. Richard Carbo is the PAC’s communication director. The entity’s decision to fund candidates to the House and Senate will significantly improve the success of its cause. Carbo adds that End Citizens United is dressing the political side of the issue.

In order to streamline its expenditures, the group has set up an independent expenditure arm. The division, which has been in operation for a year, will be documenting the amounts used in television ads, direct mailers, and polling. This information will be availed to the public.

End Citizens United remains confident that it will achieve a constitutional amendment. For the past 25 years, the U.S. has not had a single constitutional amendment because of the legal requirements needed to effect such changes. For instance, the change must be supported by at least two-thirds of both the House and Senate. It must also be backed by a given number of States.

End Citizens United has not stopped nor slowed down in pursuing its objectives. Recently, the group launched a new campaign to raise more money for the 2018 midterm elections. The entity is planning to raise $35 million. Within the first three months of launching the campaign, the PAC has already received $4 million. According to the information published in USA TODAY, the group received the donations from about 100,000 donors. It also noted that over 40 percent of the donors were new members. This is an indication that results from the recent elections did not please many Americans. This information was originally published on USA Today.