US Money Reserve: A Reliable Partner For Your Investment Needs

Gold, till date, is the reliable form of currency that seen many ups and downs but hardly ever affected by them. People since a long time prefer to save money in the form of Gold so that they can save their savings from an unexpected loss. Historically, primarily function of Gold, and other precious metals are methods to save one’s wealth that can save from the ravages of politics, time and inflation.

Physical gold is an exceptional way to save as well as earn profit without the fear of losing money. When you purchase gold coins, you hold the most famous type of gold ownership. A marketplace, limited production, demand and design of the gold coin contribute to an overall rarity of a gold coin.

If you are fond of Gold and at the same, you love to keep in the form of bullion, bars, and coins, U.S. Money Reserve can be your one stop solution for that. That is the only company that led by a former US Mint Director. So, when you are dealing with US money reserve, you can be certain that you will get govt. Issued bars and bullion with the utmost quality that you won’t get from anywhere in the whole USA.

It established by veterans of the gold market which, after having a keen eye for years, found that there should be the company to deal commercially. A company with the thorough market knowledge, extraordinary customer service, and a type of guidance that can be easy to trust, is indispensable when a person needs to invest in gold or other precious metals. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Today, as the largest distributor of Platinum, Gold and Silver Coins, USMR is the only company that has the highest number of satisfied customers who are working with them since decades and earning a reliable profit every time they deal with them.

  1. Money Reserve continually working hard to improve their services and one of the recent changes that they have made for the relief and ease of their customer is a brand new GUI of their official portal. This new portal is easier to browse and contains shortcuts so you can directly jump to your desired web page without hitting the back button on your browser times and again.

The new portal provides access to a new gallery that contains more detailed pictures and information about new coins, bullion, and bars. You can view them and decide which one should be the next addition to your collection of coins and bullion.

Fabletics – Aspirational Atleisure Brand That Women Can Relate To

Fabletics, a company that started in 2013 as an innovative fashion brand, is today one of the most preferred brands in the athleisure niche by millions of women across the globe. Fabletics is a subsidiary brand of TechStyle Fashion Group, founded and owned by Adam Goldenberg, Kate Hudson and Don Ressler. Don Ressler also serves as the CEO of the company, while Kate Hudson is the brand ambassador of Fabletics. Kate Hudson, a famous fitness diva, and a Hollywood celebrity helped Fabletics get the momentum it needed in the preliminary stages to sustain the competitive fashion retail market and make its mark.


One other factor that helped Fabletics not only to maintain but grow in the highly competitive and saturated fashion market is its subscription model. The customers of the company have the option to become the VIP members of the brand, which would open doors to numerous perks and facilities for the customers. It includes members getting an email each month with a collection of athleisure products personalized as per the preference of each customer. It is highly convenient for the customers as it saves a lot of time going through tons of products that are not as per their choice or liking.


The reverse showroom technique implemented by Fabletics also helped Fabletics gain a lot of momentum in the fashion business and penetrate the market further. Many times, it is seen that the customers enter the showroom, but do not end up buying anything, but instead buy similar products elsewhere or online. However, Fabletics made it a point to establish itself as a brand that the women can relate to and has kept the price affordable for people from all walks of life while retaining the value and identity as a high-value brand. Moreover, the VIP membership has helped the firm get a loyal fan following and customer base, which has helped Fabletics get the sustainability it needs.


The reviewers of the VIP membership model of Fabletics have only good things to say about the company and its products. As per the reviewers, the company offers an exceptional collection of designer athleisure products at an affordable price, which continues to get better with time. Moreover, being a VIP member opens the door to many other perks, which certainly makes the shopping experience for the consumers, exciting and affordable at the same time. For customers looking to become VIP member of Fabletics, taking Lifestyle Quiz on company’s site is a good idea.

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The Impact of Oncotarget in the Realization of Medical Milestones

Oncotarget is a digital journal that researches on tumor and explores all its treatment possibilities. It is due to the increased complexity of cancer cases that led to the founding of this online print platform. The title “Oncotarget” is synonymous to molecular and cellular activities that are related to cancer, aging, nerve degeneration and microbes. The paper focusses on tracking the effect of treatment programs and newly discovered therapeutic procedures and protocols in assisting patients lead quality lifestyles that are satisfactory.

Further, the publishing pays a lot of attention on researching the evidences of relatively new and existing therapies, and how they impact a patient’s health. Of importance is that the paper explains the employment of these treatment protocols and their likelihood to be adopted in professional health care industry.

The journal’s reputation comes as a result of maximizing the impact of research by allowing peer reviews that provide authors with extensive, timely, and informative information that expands the outcome of their research efforts. Without being left out, the members comprising the editorial team have made major contributions to the paper. In fact, four authors of the paper have been recipient of the coveted Breakthrough Prize since 2013, the biggest recognition one can receive in health research fields. Visit to read more about Mikhail.

Our Mission and Vision

The free access online journal strives to avail the findings of scientific researches on timely basis for a global audience. Moreover, it tries to unveil the impact of surveys through informative and insightful peer reviews from other professional medical publishers. Through this paper, readers are able to get outstanding discoveries very quickly without any barriers of specialties. This, in the long term, nurtures the applications of basic and newly founded medical science in the eradication of chronic ailments.

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About Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny

He is a holder of a Doctorate Degree and a qualified Medical Doctor. Additionally, he is a professor in Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York. Further, Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny is a member of Oncotarget’s editorial team and a prolific contributor to many articles in the journal. As a matter of fact, he has had a role in over 250 publishing on review-related journals. He has also been a consulting editor of many informative articles that focus on improvement of protocols in cancer treatment. View Mikhail’s profile on Google Scholar

Equities First Growth

There are a lot of people who need short term financial help in the world. Many people think that the only people who need financial help are those without a lot of money. However, this leaves out a huge market of people who have a high net worth through their business or other investments. Equities First is a company that wants to help as many people as possible with their investments. Not only that, they provide short term borrowing options for people who need it. Over time, this is a growing company because of all of the changes that are starting to take place. If you are ready to work with a company that truly cares about you, this is a great place to start and more information click here.

Equities First

From the time the company was started, a lot of people have started to worry about their financial future. This is a good thing for the company because they allow people to borrow money at reasonable interest rates. Not only that, but they have a great team of customer service experts who are ready to take things to the next level. If you want to start working with a great company in this area, Equities First is the way to go. Not only can you borrow money at reasonable rates for your investments, but you can learn how to manage your money going forward and resume its.

Online Growth

There is a lot of growth in the online lending space in many areas. If you want to start investing for the future, Equities First can help you get there. Many people are excited about the changes that are starting to take place in the economy. With that being said, you can start to see why this company has grown so rapidly in recent years with the customer service team helping out.

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How Did EOS Lip Balm Rise to Popularity?

For more than 100 years, purchasing lip balm was a matter of visiting the drug or grocery store and bringing a tube of Chapstick to the checkout counter. The balm is known for being clinical in nature, and there has always been an active ingredient list on the product packaging. In addition to plain Chapstick, new flavors like mint, cherry and strawberry were introduced in later years.

However, around seven years ago, pastel cylinders of lip balm from EOS began to show up at discount supermarkets and grocery stores. The founders of EOS convinced a buyer from Walgreens to sell the products. After the Walgreens deal was successful, EOS was featured in Walmart, Amazon and Target. Facebook bloggers and beauty editors at popular magazines like Allure and Cosmo found out about EOS and fell in love with the product, and celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Kim Kardashian made EOS more well-known after being seen using the product.

EOS, which stands for Evolution of Smooth, has experienced significant success in a short amount of time. Until now, the founders of EOS haven’t spoken about the strategies they’ve used to be profitable. The company is worth $250 million and research firm Kline has recently reported that EOS is the second best-selling lip balm in the United States, just under Burt’s Bees.

Kline Research also states that EOS has encouraged growth in the oral care industry. EOS lip balm sells more than 1 million units each week and the future of the company is promising, since the world lip care market is set to increase by $2 billion by the year 2020 due to the demand for organic oral care product, which EOS is known for.

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Warren Buffet’s Best Advice Ever On Retirement Planning And Investing

It is obvious that one day you will retire and you have to take care of that time when you are still young and energetic. Everyone should think of investing in their young age to avoid a lot of worries in their old age.

For one to ensure they invest in their businesses wisely, they should consult advisors and financial institutions to avoid risking or incurring losses. Tim Armour works for The Capital Group Companies which invests in equities as the Chairman and chief executive since July 2015

Recap of Warren Buffet Argument

According to Warren, He Challenges group of fund managers on investing in their companies or S&P500.He says that he can earn more investing in the S&P500 than investing in that enterprise.

Warren also argues that although these companies advise their investors on using passive investment as their safe way to retirement, they should understand it has some risks. He mentions down-market as one of the risks causing massive losses to investors. Tim commented on this opinion and said that as an investor should be creative and have new ways to spend their money in case of market slowdowns.

Warren tries to warn investors on choosing fund manager, where he advises on observing the range of the benchmark index and of that company. He mentions on small expenses of a company and an investing company as a key factor in a good company.

Amour’s Educational and Work Background

Tim Armour is an alumnus of Middlebury College where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. He has 32 years’ experience in investment. He started his career immediately after graduating as a participant in the Associate’s program back in 1983.

The American investor started out as an equity investment analyst. Later he got promoted to the position of chairman of the company’s management. In July 2015, the board of directors of the company elected him the Chairman of Capital group.


Professional History and Amazing Philanthropy of Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos is the current Education Secretary of the United States. She is also a highly successfully businesswoman who belongs to the DeVos Family. Her less known achievements include her philanthropy. She joined the platform of Republican Party to begin her political career in 1992. Since then she held various positions in the party and earned a great reputation. She is a strong advocate of the reforms in the education system of the US. It is why her philanthropic activities are focused on education. She is the wife of a successful businessman Dick DeVos who is the eldest son of business tycoon Richard DeVos. In 1989, Betsy and Dick decided to launch their family foundation for philanthropy. Since then Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation is providing funds for different causes including community, arts, justice, leadership, and education. Betsy spent twelve million dollars on philanthropy during 2015 which was five times the money she spent on her political campaigns between 2010 to 2015. Betsy and her husband enjoy the twenty-fourth place on Forbes list of America’s Top Givers.

Loudspeaker Media, Inc. is run by a former CNN anchor Campbell Brown. For the firm, Betsy provided four-hundred-thousand dollars which Brown will use to build a new educational website. The Partnership for Educational Justice is a nonprofit organization that is also run by Campbell Brown, and Betsy DeVos also provided four-hundred-thousand dollars for it. She provided one-hundred-and-fifty-thousand dollars to The Success Academy Charter Schools, and she provided five-thousand dollars to GREAAT Schools Incorporation which is a nonprofit charter school management company. Not long ago, Betsy visited a Christian school in Michigan named The Potter’s House. She promised funds for the school and later provided two-hundred thousand dollars. A nonprofit organization which is strongly connected to American Federation for Children is the Alliance for School Choice, and it was provided one-hundred-thousand dollars by Betsy DeVos. She also provided fifty thousand dollars to a foundation that strives for education reforms.

Betsy is the Governing Body Member of American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy which is a Washington D.C.-based think tank. She provided seven-hundred-and-fifty-thousand dollars to the Institute and promised one million dollars for the future. Institute for Justice is a nonprofit and libertarian law firm for which she provided ten-thousand dollars. Betsy gave six-thousand-and-five-hundred dollars to the Intercollegiate Studies Institute Incorporation. She also provided five-hundred-thousand dollars to College Park Foundation at the University of Maryland. The University honored Betsy by naming the institute after her and her husband’s name. Men and women receive flight and aircraft maintenance undergraduate certificates from School of Missionary Aviation Technology for which Betsy has provided one-hundred-thousand dollars. Ferris State University and numerous other educational institutions received thousands of dollars as funds from Betsy DeVos.

Fabletics: The Best Fitness Clothing You Can Get

Kate Hudson is taking over the fashion industry in e-commerce by storm. She has used several techniques that have enabled her to do it all easily. Fabletics works to provide you with fitness clothing.

She has been able to build a company worth $250 million in just three years which is a breakthrough in the e-commerce world. This was possible because she had all the right moves to make. She recognized that the customers needed to have outfits that change the fitness game altogether.

In the world of today, the people who have always wanted to have products that are high quality have changed their perspective. Usually, the established firms would place a high price on their product, and the customers would assume it is indeed the highest quality.

The Reverse Showrooming Technique

By the use of this technique, Kate Hudson has been able to get more people interested in her products. Here is how it works in summary:

  • By organizing events where the potential customers attend, they get to fraternize with their future market.
  • These online stores offer a way of the customers to get to know exactly what they are being offered.
  • When this happens, statistics indicate that 30% of them will become members of Fabletics and the rest 25% become members by the time they depart from these events.
  • Hence, they are ready to subscribe to her online community after seeing the goods.

The Whole Kit In Summary

When you are a member of the online community that she has created, and you have subscribed to it, you will be able to order all the goods that you want which are found in her stores. They will have the following distinct features that have been the trademark of Fabletics.

  1. High Quality

Whenever a customer tries on something new, they want to see that it works for them and that they have gotten every penny’s worth. They demand quality, and that is what Fabletics gives you after you have subscribed and ordered.

  1. Fashion Conscious

Despite being clothes for your fitness programs, they have the sense of style that we all want to be in at all times even when we are sweaty and clammy from working out. That is why they have been made to look sexy and attractive on you when you wear them. They are stylish and fashionable.

  1. The Price Tag

This is not a problem because, for every penny that you pay, you receive the best of it all. As a customer, you will be satisfied by what you see when it gets delivered to your doorstep. They even offer deals where you get a whole package at a common price.


So, Fabletics is amazing, and that is why the founder has been able to build a multi-million dollar company in just three years selling fitness apparel only, online. When you decide to try it out, you will not be disappointed at all.

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A Recap of the Life of Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is a well-known and highly respected leader in the broadcast industry, for over 40 years he has been bringing us some of the most popular programs in radio history. Pattiz has served twice on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America, being appointed by Presidents Clinton and Bush. This board administrates nonmilitary radio programming for the United States Government, programs of note include The Voice of America and Radio Free Europe. Norman was instrumental in launching America’s Arabic language radio, now broadcasting to all 22 Middle East countries with a unique Farsi language program designed for Iran, with a weekly audience of over 40 million people.


In 2006 Norman Pattiz founded Westwood One, and under his tutelage, Westwood One became the largest radio network listened to, by Americans in Broadcasting news, entertainment, sports, and talk radio. Westwood One distributed CBS News, NFL Football, The Super Bowl, The Olympic Games, and numerous talk radio programs along with many others. Realizing there was a large untapped market in the audio-on-demand industry Norman started the Courtside Entertainment Group in 2010 and in the fall of 2012 he launched PodcastOne. PodcastOne quickly became the number one producer/distributor of audio-on-demand programming. The PodcastOne line-up includes some of the most popular sports, entertainment and talk radio personalities in the world. Listeners can enjoy Laura Ingraham, Shaquille O’Neal, Larry King, TheCHIVE, and over 200 others.


He has served in various positions involving national security, including as a member and past chairman of the Board of Governors at Los Alamos National Security, and serves on the Region 1, Homeland Security Advisory Council. He is a member of the Board of The Regent of Energy Laboratories and has served as director of the Office of Foreign Relations for the Los Angeles sheriff’s department. Pattiz is also contributing his talent to higher education since 2001 he has been Director of The Regents at The University Of California and is a board member at the Annenberg School of Communication at the University of Southern California.


Norman Pattiz, recognized for his work with numerous awards, is the recipient of the Distinguished Education Service Award, several Broadcaster of the Year Awards, and The Freedom of Speech Award, to mention only a few. In recognition of his many contributions to the radio broadcast industry; inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2009.

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WEN by Chaz’s Ultimate 5-in-1 Conditioner

The hair care industry is full of hopes and dreams. Not to try an knock this exclusive field, finding the best product that meets your demands can be tricky with all of the options that are forever available. Cleansing conditioners are very popular among both men and women. These products give the hair and scalp total cleansing capabilities much more so than just using a shampoo product. Did you know that many of today’s top brands have chemical loaded formulas? Unfortunately, this is true and these chemicals can give the user many unwanted affects. The best thing to do is lesson the use of the products, stop using the products, or simply switch to another product.

One of the best cleansing conditioners of today comes from a brand named WEN by Chaz. Wen Hair is so different from just about any other brand thanks to it’s revolutionary make-up. There aren’t any dangerous chemicals here, but rather natural ingredients that have been baked up in mother nature’s kitchen. Lavender, fig, sweet almond mint, cucumber, panthenol, rosemary extract, wild cherry bark, chamomile extract, aloe vera leaf, and many more. WEN’s 5-in1 Cleansing Conditioner is simply one of the very best conditioners hand down. It detangles, moisturizes, strengthens, and adds shine. Another bonus is that it’s universal and can be used for many different hair textures.

WEN by Chaz is turning the industry upside down when it comes to natural healing for the hair, of course. All in all, WEN by Chaz is the best route to take and it’s cleansing conditioners are of the highest quality.

For more product information, visit the Wen Facebook page and Twitter.

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